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JES Holdings is a privately owned group of companies of more than 600 employees that offers clients a fully-integrated array of services from site selection to direct delivery of investor benefits.

Affordable Equity Partners, Inc.

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    Affordable Equity Partners, Inc. (AEP) is a financial resources company that helps developers and investors utilize state and federal low income housing and historic rehabilitation tax credit programs to create enduring value in neighborhoods and communities, while at the same time reducing tax liability.

    AEP assists communities and developers (both for-profit and non-profit) during the pre-development and construction stages of a project and can help with property management. Our staff of experienced financial professionals provides the expertise necessary to get the most out of available tax credit programs. In fact, AEP can provide full-service financial consulting to help you maximize both state and federal tax credits.

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Capital Health Management, Inc.

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    Established in 1995, Capital Health Management, Inc. (CHM) owns and operates three state-of-the-art, skilled nursing and residential care facilities where staff, residents and visitors are treated with respect, dignity and compassion. All CHM facilities are dedicated to exceeding expectations by providing exceptional personal care and maximum comfort for residents and their families.

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Fairway Management, Inc.

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    Regarded as one of the finest management companies in the industry since its establishment in 1985, Fairway Management, Inc. (FWM) is responsible for the maintenance, marketing and business administration of more than 120 apartment communities and several single-family rental subdivisions. FWM's team of accountants, property managers, compliance officers and field staff members work together to maximize occupancy levels, affordable rents and exceptional living standards.

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Fairway Construction Co., Inc.

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    Founded in 1984, Fairway Construction Co., Inc. (FWC) offers design and build services to construct single, multi-family and senior housing, as well as renovate and rehabilitate historic buildings. FWC excels at supervising projects on-site, coordinating with subcontractors and tightly managing the construction schedule to ensure the project is accurately completed on time and on budget.

    Together with JES Dev Co, Inc., FWC has completed more than 150 projects over a seven-state area.

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JES Dev Co, Inc.

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    Founded in 1994, JES Dev Co, Inc. is an acknowledged leader in the development of affordable multi-family housing. JES Dev Co, Inc. specializes in identifying profitable opportunities by analyzing market projections, measuring market strength, and surveying community leaders and government officials.

    Since 1994, JES Dev Co, Inc., has completed over 135 developments in more than 60 small and mid-sized communities, as well as larger metropolitan areas by transforming developer and investor ideas into reality.

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"We believe in mutually beneficial, win-win relationships. Some of our partnerships involve the best developers in the affordable housing business and have lasted over nineteen years. As we see it, our greatest strength is the people and partners within the JES Holdings family of companies."
Jeffrey E. Smith
President and Chief Executive Officer